That 70s Funk Show - Music in a Neo-Victorian World

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That 70s Funk Show - Music in a Neo-Victorian World

Post by COG_Johnny » Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:02 pm

So I thought I would start things off with a discussion about the music in our game (inspired by reactions to our Announcement trailer - credits to Jeremy Alexander and HardwarUK).

In as few words as possible: Victorian music inspired/updated/infused with a healthy dose of 1970's Funk.

I'd like to take a little time to talk about how we ended up there and welcome any thoughts you guys may have to share with us.

We wanted our Neo-Victorian world to be edgy, exciting and filled with action. As anyone can tell you who has visited New York City, it lives and breathes with a pulse all its own. It has an energy to it: the way people walk, the way they talk and the constant action that swirls around you. When you are there, it always feel like things are happening.

So we went looking for a way to bring that energy to our game and how others had done it. Fallout used the 50's and 60's to co-mingle an age of innocence with a land filled with horrors. And they did it really well.

Just around the corner from the 50's and 60's was an era (1970's) when gangs ruled the streets, when the size of your car (and how much chrome it had on it) was a symbol of status, when rookie cops, rogue cops and ex-cops roamed the streets dispensing their own brand of justice.

That sounded pretty close to the Neo-Victorian ideals we were striving for. In an Age of Steam, you find stupidly over-sized vehicles. And you find those in an Age of Excess (1970's) as well. Soon you find there are countless ways to blend these together to make an interesting and unique world.

Next came the question of how to go about it. The one man who deserves the most credit for helping on this is the one and only Jimmy Smith: ... g&index=27

The Hammond Organ (although not invented until 1935) was an instrument that allowed us to bridge the gap from the early 20th century to the 1970's. Organ music was quite common in the Victorian era so we listened to a lot of it when putting together our music for the game.

As to how the music was made, we brought multiple samples of Victorian and Funk songs that we liked to a professional Hammond Organ player. He listened to each sample and then jammed on it to create something unique.

In all, we have about 18 songs. Some are more Victorian, some are more Funky. We hope that everyone who plays finds at least a few that they enjoy listening to.

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